Vietnams only Jet Ski tour offers an unforgettable adventure in an unforgettable location,
for just $245 USD per Jet Ski. 


Tour information:

Riding on your own or with a partner, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced and friendly instructor, whom will guide and lead the group around the waterways of Vietnam and to Monkey Island one of Nha Trang’s famous tourist destinations.

Sessions start at 8AM with your hotel transfer and take half a day all together.

Arriving at Monkey Island for a rest of roughly 2h3, its a small and beautiful island with enough time to refresh yourself, explore the island or just relax on the beach.

Both ways to and from the island take approximately 50min on the jet ski4

Additional information:

• Maximum of 2 passenger or 3 with child under 6 years of age per jet.1

• Transfer service in price included.2

• Drinking water and island fees included.

• Dry storage bags for your belongings available.

Additional charged:

• Photo and video service on request.5

• Island games, snacks and soft drinks.


Do I get to ride the ski by my self ?
Yes thats the main point of the trip, you will be riding on your own but don’t worry, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced and friendly instructor to help and guide the group around.
If I don't want to drive?
That’s absolutely fine, our guides will be more then happy to ride you around for the day if you’d just prefer to sit on the back and take inn the scenery.
What do I need to bring?
To ensure the most from your tour it is recommended that you bring the following:

• Hat (sun protection) 
• Swimwear
• Towel
• Sunscreen
• Long sleeve

What about safety?
While our staff will do everything possibly to maintain our strict safety policies we will still insist all participants wear a life jacket while on the jet ski.

1. Restricted to a maximum weight of 250kg
2. Within the territory of Nha Trang city, all hotels outside or around Nha Trang will be charged on request.
3. Depending on group, time and weather. A early leave can be requested by the group.

4. Traveling time to the island depends on weather and water conditions +/- 10min could occur.
5. Only provided in calm water conditions.

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